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Wraps & Wrapping Kits

Infinite ways to wear and use a wrap

Inspired by traditional wrapping and drapping practices from Africa, Japan, Europe, Art of Fashion Wrapping is bringing back primorial sense of dressing the body in a modern lifestyle.
A wrap is the most versatile and sustainable piece of garment / accessory.
Wraps offer infinite style possibilities.
wraps can be worn as skirts, dress, trousers, head wrap, turban, tops....and can be used to wrap and carry goods, the japanese art of wrapping, furoshiki allows to create amazing bags and gift wraps, and create ornments for your interior.
I create wraps and wrapping kits combining techniques and style influences from all around the world to create kits that allow creating many different garments, suits, outfits, looks...

Art of Fashion Wrapping: Text

Aso wrap

Inspired by the African tradition of wrap and textile art

Aso means cloth , in Nigeria it is the primeval piece of clothing, of protection for the physical body but also the spiritual body.

In Africa traditionnal textiles art is extremely rich in terms of art and skills expression but also in terms of symbolism and spiritualism.

wraps are traditional a rectangle piece of fabrics that can be used and worn in many different ways.

Faro wrap

Inspired by the traditional japanese Furoshiki, the Art of wrapping and giving

Furoshiki is an ancestral Japanese art and technique. In Japan giving and offering gift is a very important part of the cultural and social life.

Furoshikis are square shaped traditonnaly silk wraps used to wrap gifts and goods.

Fée Uhssi is re visiting the Art of Wrapping by adapting techniques to fashion styling.

Art of Fashion Wrapping: Collections

Wrap Yourself in Love

Discover how to wear a wrap in more than 101 diffrent ways

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