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Wrap Me Up Capsule collection

A timeless and versatile capsule collection in constant evolution made just for you

The Wrap Me Up collection is a capsule collection including versatile designs that each offer many styles and mix-and-match possibilities.

It is timeless yet in constant evolution as each design will always be available on order and custom-made while the collection is seasonly revisited with new textiles and/ or with limited edition collections.

Inspired and based on the Art of Wrapping, the wrap me up collection was created by Fée Uhssi to suit all different phases of a woman's life and all the roles a woman has to play in her life.

Every garment can be worn in different ways playing with wrapping, reversible, and convertible designs.

It is also the fruit of a reflection of sustainability and the aim to create clothing that will last long in a wardrobe and will be worn and loved over and over.

The cuts and patterns have been created by Fée Uhssi to support a zero waste production.

All fabrics are ethically sourced and /or produced, the wrap me up collection is also a celebbration of textile art.

The Wrap Me Up collection offers infinite mix and matching possibilities for infinite style possibilities.


Ibeji skirt

From the name of the twin deities from the Orisha tradition from Nigeria, west Africa, the Ibeyi skirt is a two reversible panel skirt offering more then 15 possibilities worn as a skirt.
Central piece of the Wrap Me Up collection, the Ibeyi skirt has been created to offer many styling possibilities while being practical. Each panel can be also worn  as a top, a head wrap or a belt.

Ibeyi relates to the duality and complementary aspect of twins, it is all about association and balance.

in the Orisha tradition the Ibeji deities symbolise prosperity, fertility, divine protection...
The Ibeji skirt was designed by Fée Uhssi for women with a busy lifestyle who run from places to places and joggle between many lives, styles, moods.

Time to embrace all the different facets of your own personality.


Ayo jacket

Ayo is a reversible waterfall style jacket. Ayo means Joy in Yoruba, language from Nigeria.
The Ayo Jacket is the little jacket / cardigan which will  bring this little touch of Joy to any outfit. It will bring the little touch of style and elegance to any outfit from the everyday pair of jeans to the timeless classy little black dress.
Match the Ayo jacket with the Ede Aso skirt to create an elegant yet original suit perfect for workdays in the plain version; little drink up with friends after work, just reverse the jacket for a touch of print and colours.


Oshun trousers

Reversible wrap trousers inspired by traditional Thai trousers. Confortable and elegant the Oshun trousers elongate the silhouette . It is a statement piece, elegant and edgy at the same time. 
The discreet split on the legs ads a touch of sensuality and sexiness as the fabric danse around the leg to reveal the skin.
By the name of the Orisha Goddess of Love, Beauty and Prosperity, the Oshun jumpsuit is combining class and comfort.
in Nigeria Oshun is celebrated by dancing, the Oshun trousers will allow perfect freedom of movement to dance and celebrate the Goddess within.


Nyame top

The Nyame top is a  reversible top with a wrap around system adapting around the body which can be worn on each side in two different ways to create different styles and silhouettes, while adapting to your unique body shape.
Practicable, easy to put on and comfortable, the Nyame top is amazing worn by itself or over a long sleeve top for the colder days. Simple by its cut but yet original, it will match with a pair of jeans for a casual look, a pencil skirt for a fashionable work wear ensemble,or with a pair of wide legs trousers for a chic diner out style.

The Nyame top is also the perfect top for expecting and new mothers as it adapt easily to the changes the woman body is going through pregnancy and postnatal, and it is great for breastfeeding as it offer the possibility to breastfeed discretely and keep baby safe and snogged. Nyame is an Akan Goddess from Ghana, West Africa, she is the Supreme Being, the Great Mother, the creator, the genetrix...


Benten jacket

By the name of the Japanese sea goddess of eloquence and beauty, the Benten jacket was inspired by Japanese design and elegance. Benten is the patron goddess of geishas and art
Reversible this jacket can be worn in different ways to create original looks. try to wear it upside down as a statement short jacket.
Sophisticated but yet confortable, this jacket represent the natural Japanese sense of style.
Embrace your talents and shine your light!


Hina skirt

the Hina skirt is a wrap skirt inspired by the first traditional wrap skirts found in ancestral civilisations. By the name of the Polynesian moon goddess Hina, who also was the goddess of the ocean and healing, this skirt is also a tribute to the first purpose of clothing that was protection, physical and spiritual protection. According to the polynesian tradition Hina created bark cloth, one of the first cloth known by humanity.
What you wear can support healing.


Oya skirt

By the name of the African Orisha Goddess of transformation, the Oya skirt is a convertible & reversible circle wrap skirt offering endless possibilities with its wraparound clever system it can be worn as a skirt but also a dress.

With its two sides, it can be worn on daily basis or for special occasions and will always have a wow effect. The Oya skirt is available in a midi and mini length version. Like the shape-shifting goddess Oya, change magically your style according to your mood. Embrace transformation while remaining yourself.


Oya dress

By the name of the African Goddess of transformation, the Oya Dress is a declinaison of the Oya skirt. the wrap around sash design allows to take the Oya skirt to the next level and create infite skirts and dresses style.
Oya dress can be worn as a boob dress, one shoulder, two shorts sleeves, different styles of belts with bows or wrapped flowers.
With its two sides, it can be worn on daily basis or for special occasions and will always have a wow effect. The Oya is also available in a short and knee length version.
The Orisha Goddess Oya inspires us to embrace transformation and go with the natural flow.


Oshun jumpsuit / playsuit

An evolutive version of the Oshun trousers, this reversible jumpsuit can be worn as a backless jumpsuit or as trousers with a large kimono style belt effect, on both sides. It is a statement piece, elegant and edgy at the same time.
By the name of the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Prosperity, the Oshun Jumpsuit is combining class and comfort allowing you to move freely and live your life to the fullest inspired by the Goddess Oshun.


Mami Wata skirt

A fish tale style maxi skirt that can also be worn as a dress. The Mami Wata skirt was named after the African Goddess of the oceans and seas, also known in the Orisha tradition as Yemoja, often represneted as a siren, she reigns over waters and represents motherhood, love, caring, she is the protector of mothers and children. Embrace the mermaid inside, embrace your femininity and sensuality freely, love unconditionally.

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