Wrap Me Up Capsule collection

A timeless collection in constant evolution, made just for you

The Wrap Me Up collection is a versatile capsule collevction in constant evolution.

Inspired and based on the Art of Wrapping, the wrap me up collection was created by Fée Uhssi to suit all different phases of a woman life and all the roles a woman have to play in her life.

Every garnment can be worn in different ways playing with wrapping, reversible, convertible designs.

It is also the fruit of a reflexion of sustainibility and the aim to create clothing that will  last long in a wardrobe and will be worn and loved over and over.

The cuts and patterns have been created by Fée Uhssi to support a zero waste production.

All fabrics are ethically sourced and /or produced, the wrap me up collection is also a celebbration of textile art.

The Wrap Me Up collection offers infinite mix and matching possibilities for infinite style possibilities.


Ibeji skirt

From the name of the twin deities from the Orisha tradition from Nigeria, west Africa, the Ibeyi skirt is a two reversible panel skirt offering more then 15 possibilities worn as a skirt.
Central piece of the Wrap Me Up collection, the Ibeyi skirt has been created to offer many styling possibilities while being practical. Each panel can be also worn  as a top, a head wrap or a belt.

Ibeyi relates to the duality and complementary aspect of twins, it is all about association and balance.

in the Orisha tradition the Ibeji deities symbolise prosperity, fertility, divine protection...
The Ibeji skirt was designed by Fée Uhssi for women with a busy lifestyle who run from places to places and joggle between many lives, styles, moods.

Time to embrace all the different facets of your own personality.