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I love to create unique pieces with their own story. As a stylist and self & body love coach my mission is to create outfits making the most of each individual beauty;
I use colour therapy, body shape and personal development techniques to offer a truly empowering experience and create a garment, an outfit or a capsule collection fitting every unique need.
Let me take you on a journey to (re)discover and appreciate your own style, you will have the possibility to choose your favourite design from Fée Uhssi's creations, the Wrap Me Up capsule collection, the Art of Fashion Wrapping line and have it bespokely designed and/ or customised, choose your fabric, material, colour, print guided by Fée Uhssi's expertise to create a garment that will not only make you look and feel beautiful but will also empower you and become a tool of your personal well being and success.

Bespoke Orders: About Me
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