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Oya Dress midi length

Oya Dress midi length

By the name of the African Goddess of transformation, the Oya Dress is a declinaison of the Oya skirt. the wrap around sash design allows to take the Oya skirt to the next level and create infite skirts and dresses style.

Oya dress can be worn as a boob dress, one shoulder, two shorts sleeves, different styles of belts with bows or wrapped flowers.

With its two sides, it can be worn on daily basis or for special occasions and will always have a wow effect. The Oya is also available in a short and knee length version.

The Orisha Goddess Oya inspires us to embrace transformation and go with the natural flow.

one side made of nyangine bogolan. Nyangine is the modern version of the Finimugu as the cotton is industrially woven, it allows producing wider pieces of cloths then the Finimugu, traditionally woven on quite narrow looms. while the Finimugu is quite thick, the Nyangine is a very flexible and soft cotton cloth. It is then painted with mud and plants following the Bogolan tradition so it is a wonderful, eco-friendly and sustainable fabric which also has real healing properties.

Following the Tie Dye tradition, the art of tie dye has widely developed with the use of synthetic dyes allowing to access a wider range of colours. The dyes are applied most of the time on cotton brocade which has a natural shine and brings even more light to the bright colours.

the use of chemical dyes is unfortunately a big issue for the health of textile artists and the environment but it is a big part of the African textile activity. Fée Uhssi works with local artists through the Bolono Mali project to source those beautiful tie dye designs and support actions and campaigns to protect the makers and the earth.

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