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Ibeyi skirt & Nyame Top
Benten Jacket & Ibeyi skirt
Mami Wata dress & Ayo Jacket and Oya dress

"I define myself as a fashion artist; My designs are the expression of my passion for textiles and in particular traditional textiles with a special love for African textiles and traditional wraps.
My designs are the fruit of my reflection on timeless style, sustainability and cultural diversity"
Fée Uhssi

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Art of Fashion Wrapping kits

Inspired by and based on traditional wrappers and wrapped clothes from Africa and the four corners of the world, Fée Uhssi has created the Art of Fashion Wrapping or the art of using a wrap in many different ways. 
Fée Uhssi incorporates the Art of Wrapping from Africa with the Art of Wrapping from Japan known as Furoshiki to create ephemeral looks timelessly stylish.
The Art of Fashion wrapping kits created by Fée Uhssi allows you to create skirts, dresses, tops, bags, head wrap, turban, belt...


Wrap Me Up capsule collection

From the concept of Art of Wrapping was born the Wrap Me Up collection, an evolutive capsule collection offering many style possibilities.
Inspired by the concepts of change, metamorphose and sustainability, Fée Uhssi designs garments that can be worn and use in many different ways and therefore last indefinitely.
Using high quality ethically sourced and produced textiles, Fée Uhssi creates statement pieces celebrating the body!
Revisited every season with new prints, colours and textures and available custom made, Wrap Me UP is every woman!
Stylish and Elegant, the collection is a tribute to women and femininity!

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All about Love

"I believe in positive energy and in the power of Love, all my products are made with Love, positive and healing energy.

As an ethical fashion designer, my mission is to challenge the dictates of the fashion and beauty industries to empower women, raise awareness about environmental, economical, and social issues and therefore source and produce my products in an ethical way with respect to the Planet and all human beings.

My Passion is to empower women and support my sisters to love themselves by dressing them like the Goddess they truly are. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you to honour yourself."

Fée Uhssi


The love of textile art is at the heart of all Fée Uhssi designs, from vintage to handmade, made in the UK to made in Africa as part of Fée Uhssi's Bolono Mali project in Bamako. every fabric used has a story, a background, and a meaning.